Eames Demetrios, Propr.

Eames Demetrios photo

Eames Demetrios

The Proprietor of DASFilmFest is Eames Demetrios. In the photograph, he is seen at the Krblin Jihn Kabin, part of the world of Kcymaerxthaere.

Demetrios is a filmmaker, artist, writer, design consultant, and creator of 03 dimensional fiction.

He is also the director of the Eames Office and Chairman of the Board of the Eames Foundation which takes care of the Eames House.

Demetrios lectures frequently on design and scale as well as his own work. He has given talks and presentations in 20 countries and 31 US states.

His work on scale and Powers of Ten thinking centers on the idea that “scale is the new geography and not understanding scale in this day and age is a form of illiteracy.” This work led to the Powers of Ten exhibition—seen in 3 countries.

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Rachel Melville May 6, 2012 at 4:37 pm

I would love to learn more about Ray Eames. Is there any resources/biographies on her life exclusively?